Welcome to the Revit Doors Standards Project. Here you will find everything you need for consistent Scheduling and Tagging of Doors. Out of respect to the BIM community, Shared Parameters are kept to what we feel are the bare minimum for Flexing Lengths and Materials.


Family Materials

All Parameters are available in the Door Container Project following which can be downloaded here. All BIMdata Shared Parameters for the door and window industries list in Openings.txt

Naming Door Families

Due to large number of potential Families and Types, naming convention developed.

Note: Shared Parameters named Jamb Depth, Jamb Face & Head Face included in list Openings.txt

Frame Types

Sample Frame Types: K=Knockdown (frame Flexes with Wall Width) U=Universal (Cataloged Length Parameter Jamb Depth as shown in image above & Family Instance Parameter Frame Offset)

Doors Types

Sample Door Types: D-Dutch; P2=2 Panel; P4=4 Panel; P6=6 Panel; P8= 8 Panel; F=Flush; FG=Full Glass; FL=Full Louver; G=Half Glass; GL=Half Galss & Louvered; L=Louvered @ Top or Bottom; LL=Louvered @ Top & Bottom; N=Narrow Light; NL=Narrow Light

Panel Material: WD=Wood; HM=Hollow MetalTips:

Hacking System Parameters in Door Family


Steel Door Institute

Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association

Window & Door Manufacturers Association