Revit Multi Piece Tile and Paver Patterns

Here you will find the ultimate collection of highly accurate Multi Piece Tile and Paver Patterns.

Accurately documenting materials is an important task for designers because it leads to better designs. For architects and interior designers this sometimes involves developing Revit material fill patterns. As a result, the use of accurate Revit material fill patterns during the design stage helps reduce submittal processing times. Accurate patterns may also lead to reducing change orders.

With this download, you will find a comprehensive database of highly accurate multi piece tile and paver patterns. The download includes a variety of standard sizes and patterns. BIMdata’s model fill patterns can add elegance to any project with limitless design possibilities. They are the perfect option for adding detail to your models. There is a total of 196 patterns offered in this download.  Two Piece Patterns and Three Piece Patterns are also available.

Multi Piece Tile and Paver Patterns
Sizes and Modules

All fill patterns are model patterns. This means they scale with the model. For instance, they are great for laying out walls, floors, walks, and other tiled and paved areas. Use rotate and align tools to manipulate patterns in your plan section or elevation. Use dimensions to measure lengths between pattern lines and other model elements.

Each Pattern comes in seven industry-standard formats based on one-inch increments. There is a total of 196 patterns offered in this download.

Getting the right tile size and pattern can be a challenge. Using these fill patterns helps design better spaces. Mix and match fill patterns and sizes to advance spaces, adding flow and visual complexity.

Instructions for transferring Fill Patterns to your target project.

  1. In the target project, click the Manage tab Settings panel (Transfer Project Standards).
  2. In the Select Items to Copy dialog, select the source project for Copy from.
  3. Select the Object Styles and Project Parameters
  4. Click OK.

Revit Brick Masonry Patterns

Custom Fill Patterns and Materials are available upon request. Two Piece Patterns and Three Piece Patterns are also available.

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